In response to the COVID-19 crisis Danenet is suspending or restricting many of our programs and services. See our full COVID-19 statement for more details. We are exploring new ways to continue our education and digital divide work within current limitations and look forward to restoring full services as soon as possible. 

DANEnet is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. DANEnet has served Dane County non-profit organizations since 1995 by offering on-site technical support, technical training, and technical planning and consulting services. In addition to technical support DANEnet partners with community agencies to provide technology education to groups that might not have access to such opportunities. DANEnet is committed to digital equity. We believe that technology, connectivity and the skills to use both are part of a quality of life that all should be able to enjoy. DANEnet’s project Everyone On Madison provides digital literacy, low-cost devices and assistance enrolling in low-cost internet service.

DANEnet’s mission is to make information technology accessible and affordable through education and services for nonprofit organizations and individuals with barriers.

Our vision is to make Dane County the most connected place for everyone.


In 1995 DANEnet was founded by UW-Extension, people from a wide variety of local nonprofits, and a group of enthusiastic volunteers. The following year it became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with its own board of directors.

Over the course of 25 years, DANEnet’s staff has expanded the range of tech support and consulting we provide at affordable rates to over 100 non-profit clients in Dane County.

Programs and Services

Technology Solutions for Nonprofits: We help Dane County nonprofits find and use quality information technology. This includes technology planning and training, desktop support, network planning and maintenance and server support. See our Technology for Nonprofits page for detailed information.

Everyone On Madison: We work to close the digital divide by providing digital literacy classes, low-cost devices, and assistance for families enrolling in home internet. It is our vision that all Dane County residents have devices, connectivity, and the skills to use both. Our Everyone On Madison page provides detailed information about our work in this area.

Support Our Work

Do you believe technology, connectivity, and the skills to use both are an aspect of quality of life that all should be able to enjoy? We do, too! Your generous financial donation helps provide under-served communities digital literacy education, free or low-cost devices, and assistance enrolling in low-cost internet service.